Created by Decree N° 2001/048 on February 23, 2001 in the framework of profound reforms, the Public Contract Regulatory Agency (ARMP} is a public administrative establishment with its own legal personality and financial autonomy. Under the trusteeship of the President of the Republic, it set up its headquarters’ in Yaounde...


    The ARMP oversees regulation, follow-ups and evaluation of the public markets sector. It is specifically in charge of the following:

    • Contributing to training and informing those in the system on regulations and applicable procedures in public markets;
    • Elaborating and diffusing documents and procedural manuals;
    • Assuring the editing and publication of the Public Markets Journal;
    • Bringing additional technical support necessary to public markets commissions;
    • Overseeing through studies and regular opinions the healthy application of regulation and procedures relative to public markets and to make all appropriate recommendations relative to improvements;
    • Collecting and centralising (in view of constituting a databank) documentation and statistics on attribution, execution and control of public markets.
    • To this effect, the Agency receives master works and commissions from copy markets and other documents or rapports concerned of which it is responsible for its good maintaining and conservation in the archives relative to public markets:
    • Proceeding to publication in the Public Markets Journal, of public offering opinions, resulting attributions, and amounts and market delays;
    • Recruiting independent observers and auditors;
    • Contributing to the promotion of a transparent environment favourable to the stakes of competition and to the development of businesses, as well as to stable and well performing competencies;
    • Proposing to the Government and to the crew leaders all measures tending to improve the control systems, as well as the controlling and the carrying out of public markets;
    • Participating on the updating of regulations on public markets;
    • Elaborating Quality insurance references for agencies operating in public markets;
    • Evaluating the capacity of institutions and convening corrective and preventative measures for the improvement of portfolio execution;
    • Realising all other mission relative to public markets that are assigned to it by the Government;
    • The ARMP was also in charger of conducting inquiries and of conducting specific audits and other investigations on procedures, execution and control of public markets. In this case it:
    • Orders, at the end of each budgetary exercise, an independent audit on at random market samples;
    • Transmits to the concerned authorities dispositions relative to public markets in the case of confirmed violation on the ruling;
    • Establishes periodic reports on market procedures on the basis of inquiries and produced audits and the send them to the concerned authorities;
    • Addresses to the President of the Republic an annual report on the efficiency and viability of the system procedures, as well as the execution and control of public markets. This report is assorted of all propositions capable of improving the said system.


    The ARMP is administered by two organs:

    • An Administrative Council;
    • A General Management Team.

    The Administrative Council, which is composed of the widest powers for administering the agency, defines and orients it general policy and evaluates its management in the limits fixed by the its social objective.

    The General Management is in charge of the management and application of the Agency general policies. It does so under the control of the Administrative Council to which its management is responsible.



    • General Management;
    • Department of Operations Follow-ups;
    • Department of Capacities Reinforcement;
    • Administrative and Financial Management.

    Regional offices

    • Centre, South and East (Yaounde);
    • Littoral and Southwest (Douala);
    • West and Northwest (Bamenda);
    • Adamaoua, Extreme North and North (Garoua).

    Organisations of seminars and workshops on capacity reinforcement within the Public Markets system:

    • Technical assistance to work foremen and Contracts Commission;
    • Publication of a public market journal contai­ning public bidding opinions, attributions results with amounts and execution delays from public markets;
    • Web maintenance [];
    • Recruitment of independent observers » Elaboration of document types;
    • Public markets planning follow-up and maintaining of statistics;
    • Recommendation of preventative and corrective actions;
    • Publication of Quarterly public market analysis journal.

    Agency resources are constituted by:

    • A Special Appropriations Account (CAS) for the regulation of public markets is fed by:
    • An annual budget subvention from the State;
    • Products from services rendered to public mar­ket systems;
    • Revenues from properties, funds and valuables Gifs and legacies;
    • Eventually, all resources effected by finance laws.
    • Its own resources.