The President of the Republic is the arch bearer of Cameroon's political system. Head of State, he embodies national unity. The Constitutions confers on him very important powers. He defines the policy of the Nation, watches over the respect of the Constitution, ensures through his arbitration the regular functioning of public powers.

He is the guarantor of national independence, territorial integrity, functioning and continuity of the State, respect of treaties and international agreements (Section 51. The central position occupied by the President of the Republic in Cameroon's institutions is justified by the fact that he is the elected of the entire Nation.

In accordance with Law N° 2008/001 of 14th April 2008 to amend and supplement same provisions Law N°96/06 of 1 8th January 1996 on constitutional revision of 2nd June 1972, the President of the Republic of Cameroon is elected for a mandate of 7 years and is re-eligible. The head of Cameroon's Executive is elected through direct universal suffrage in a round and by majority of volid votes.

Section 8 of the Constitution affirms that the President of the Republic represents the State in ail acts of public life. He is the head of the Army. He watches over the internal and external safety of national territory. He accredits ambassadors, and he receives extraordinary envoys of foreign powers accredited to Cameroon. He promulgates the laws. He exercises arbitrary right after consulting the Supreme Magistracy Council. He exercises statutory power.

The President of the Republic creates and organizes State's public services. He appoints in civil and military posts. He can dissolve the National Assembly (Section 8).

The President of the Republic can declare by decree state of emergency, which confers on him special powers. He can also by decree declare a state of siege and take any measures as he may deem necessary (Section 9).

The President of the Republic appoints the Prime Minister and, on the proposal of the latter, other members of the government.

He fixes their attributes and terminates their functions.