CFA FRANC (Communauté Financière Africaine) with a fixed parity of 0.01 FRF

 - 1 FRF = 100 CFA (since 12 January 1994)

 - 1 Euro = 655.96F CFA.

 - 1 Dollar = 502.53 CFA (as of 19 April 2013)


Health formalities: only the yellow fever vaccine is compulsory in Cameroon. Hepatitis vaccine is advised.


Located between West and East Africa and stretching from the Gulf of Guinea to Lake Chad, Cameroon presents specificities in terms of its relief, climate, wildlife and vegetation which provide throughout the year various forms of tourism : sea-side tourism, mountain tourism, congress and business tourism, safari and hunting tourism, eco-tourism and cultural tourism.


Cameroon’s 400 km coastline is propitious for sea-side tourism, the key attractions of which are picturesque bays, natural and sandy beaches, islands, mangroves and waterfalls dropping directly into the ocean.


Cameroon has seven national parks including the Waza Park in the Far North Region which is home to animals that are a reflection of African wildlife (elephants, lions, giraffes, black rhinoceros, panthers, buffalos, antelopes, hippopotamus, hyenas, gorillas, hartebeest, cheetahs, etc...). Apart from national parks where hunting is prohibited, the northern region of Cameroon has 14 game areas with over 500 km of tracks suitable for motor vehicles.


The taking into account of environmental concerns in tourism development projects in Cameroon has led to the classification and protection of natural sites for scientific and ecological reasons.

In particular, the Korup National Park which harbours plant species several million years old, the Dja Reserve classified a World Heritage by UNESCO, Mount Cameroon, 4 070m high, with a quaternary vegetation cover, or the Mayo-Rey sites that still present dinosaur footprints.


Cultural tourism draws its wealth from the diversity of the Cameroonian way of life, handicraft, folklore, religion, housing, cuisine and the country’s very rich historical heritage. 


The major cities of Douala and Yaounde, thanks to their international-standing infrastructure, (conference centre, international airports and international-class hotels) are the main drivers of congress and business tourism development.

The following police formalities are required:

 - Visa : the maximum validity for a tourist visa is three months with multiple entries and exits. If you intend to stay with friends, ask them to send you a duly certified and stamped lodging certificate. The visa is issued by Cameroon’s diplomatic and consular representations abroad. However, if you are coming from a country where Cameroon is not represented, you can obtain a visa at the border post.

 - Valid passport

Airport tax:

 - International flight: 10 000 CFA F

 - Domestic flight: 500 CFA F