Cameroon keeps its efficient follow-up policy with its traditional partners. The trips of President Paul Biya abroad and the audiences he grants to many foreign personalities in Yaounde is proof of the close relationship he has with his foreign counterparts.

ln the light of these many contact and the fruits they yield, it is evident that Yaounde's foreign policy, carried out with patience and determination by President Paul Biya, enables Cameroon to establish confident and fruitful relationships with many countries.

It is for this reason that the president was very involved during Omar Bongo Ondimba funeral in 2009.

This event created a lot of tension in Libreville, as the transitional period saw friction and open disagreement between members of the ruling party. It is in recognition of his role of stabiliser and well wisher that even before taking office, president elect, Ali Bongo, reserved his first official visit out of Gabon to Paul Biya, a head of State recognised and saluted across Africa and the world for his wisdom.

Other leaders and high personalities do not hesitate to come and draw inspiration from this great source. It is in this respect that in late 2009, Paul Biya received his Chadian and Central African counterparts, Idriss Deby It no and Francois Bozizé Yangouvouda respectively, at the Unity Palace. These consultations fall within the framework of a permanent dialogue between countries united by nature and history.

For example, some partner countries of Cameroon:

  • France;
  • China;
  • Turkey;
  • Brazil;
  • Great Britain;
  • Germany;
  • Vatican ...