Dear Indomitable Lionesses,

My wife and I wish you a warm welcome to Unity Palace.

I would like to express to you my sincere congratulations as well as those of the entire Cameroonian People on your brilliant performance during the just ended Women Africa Cup of Nations.

Although you did not win the final game, you won our hearts and aroused our admiration.

You scored beautiful and major victories in style against experienced teams. Through your talent, courage, commitment and zeal to defend the colours of your country, you thrilled the entire Nation.   

You never gave up. You fought to the end, for your flag and your country.

Cameroon is thanking you. Cameroon is saying Bravo! You are Lionesses. You are true Indomitable Lionesses.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the just ended Women Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon has scored another beautiful victory, that of organization. The feast was indeed beautiful and colourful. Our guests had the opportunity to appreciate our country’s wealth and cultural diversity, the quality of our sports infrastructure and the hospitality of our people.

In this regard, I wish to congratulate all those who worked for the success of the Women AFCON. The challenge was enormous, but we faced it in great style; we have every reason to be proud of what we have achieved. The quality of organization of this event and the popular fervour it raised augur well for the Africa Football Cup of Nations that Cameroon will host in 2019.

I can assure you that we will, together, equally rise up to that challenge.

Dear Indomitable Lionesses,

Today, you are a source of inspiration and an example to be emulated by millions of Cameroonians and, particularly, our youths.

Your strength, of course, lies in your exceptional talent. It also and, above all, lies in your hard work, your courage, your solidarity, your team spirit, your unity and your love for your country. I encourage you to keep on and you will continue to win.

I can assure you that public authorities will not relent in their efforts to provide the infrastructure and resources needed to develop your talents. 

I wish to thank and congratulate your management, particularly the Head Coach Enow Ngatchou and his team, as well as our football authorities who did a remarkable job.

Dear Indomitable Lionesses,

As you prepare to return to your respective clubs, I once more extend to you the gratitude and congratulations of the entire Nation. Wherever you are, continue to fly the flag of your country high. Cameroon is proud of you. Be proud to be Cameroonians!

Thank you.­