At the invitation of His Excellency Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic, Mr. Antonio GUTERRES, Secretary-General of the United Nations and Mr. Jim YONG KIM, President of the World Bank Group, His Excellency Paul BIYA, President of the Republic of Cameroon, and his wife Mrs. Chantal BIYA, left Yaounde late this morning, 11 December 2017, for Paris (France) to attend the Summit on Climate Change dubbed "One Planet Summit", which will take place on 12 December 2017.

The Head of State's official delegation comprises:

- Mr. Lejeune MBELLA MBELLA, Minister of External Relations;

- Mr. Martin BELINGA EBOUTOU, Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic;

- Mr. Pierre HELE, Minister of the Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development;

- Mr. NGOLE Philip NGWESE, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife;

- Rear-Admiral Joseph FOUDA, Special Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic;

- Mr. Samuel MVONDO AYOLO, Cameroon's Ambassador to France; and

- Mr. Simon Pierre BIKELE, Chief of State Protocol.


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