A group of young, talented, and creative Cameroonian designers, who have received the endorsement of Alphadi, organised a fashion show at Hilton Hotel on 9 June 2023 - under the distinguished patronage of First Lady Chantal BIYA.

The third edition of the spectacular parade by Cameroon Fashion Design, which lasted for one hour thirty minutes, showcased the ingenuity of each designer - with the ultimate goal of promoting Cameroon's rich and diverse cultural heritage. The perfect match of colours and hairstyles thrilled the 300-man audience from start to finish. Another highlight of the night was a musical interlude by guest artist Salatiel, who performed two of his popular songs to the amazement of the guest of honour - First Lady Chantal BIYA.

The "Africa in us: Back to our roots" fashion show was equally an opportunity for the organisers to show appreciation to Mrs Chantal BIYA for her constant support that has helped many to realise their dreams. Two special gifts were presented to her as a sign of gratitude at the end of the event. These included a painting of the sun, and a beautiful dress.

Among those who exhibited were: Sophie Darel, Edimo, Kyky, Mijes, Raphael, Maureen, Sur Mesure, and Arnold.