The Head of State received 2024 New Year wishes from members of the Diplomatic Corps and national dignitaries in a solemn ceremony organised at Unity Palace on 5 January 2024.

Heads of Diplomatic missions and international organisations accredited to Cameroon opened the event in the Hall of Ambassadors with a speech presented by Paul Patrick Biffot, High Commissioner of Gabon to Cameroon. The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps appreciated Cameroon’s active presence on the international stage in 2023, especially President Paul BIYA’s brilliant participation at the second Russia-Africa Summit in Saint Petersburg. High Commissioner Paul Patrick Biffot renewed the commitment of the international community to continue its collaboration with Cameroon. 

In an address in response to the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, the Head of State thanked bilateral and multilateral partners for their constant cooperation and extended wishes of prosperity to their respective leaders.

President Paul BIYA made a panoramic view of current world affairs and reiterated his position and that of his country for people all over the globe to privilege dialogue and conciliation over conflicts that often have a devastating effect on development projects. He said Cameroon continues to trust the core values of the United Nations and suggested that these tools can be used to facilitate the restoration of peace.

He concluded with a strong appeal for the diplomats to support Cameroon’s candidacy for the President of the 79th session of the UN General Assembly.

The Head of State convivially greeted each member of the Diplomatic Corps present. He descended to the Banquet Hall of the Unity Palace for the second phase of the ceremony that was characterised by warm handshakes and cordial exchanges with members of the 35 delegations that made up the national constituted corps.