Over a thousand kids from underprivileged families – pupils, orphans, and patients – received special gifts from the First Lady during a Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony organised at the Chantal BIYA Foundation on 22 December 2023. 

The cheerful beneficiaries welcomed their matron with joy and a “sweet mother” song – to pay tribute to Mrs Chantal BIYA for her extraordinary love and concern for the welfare of vulnerable people.

The First Lady waved in gratitude and a lovely smile. She immediately proceeded with the distribution of Christmas gifts to a group of 300 pupils selected from six schools based in the Mfoundi, and Mefou and Afamba Divisions of the Centre Region. She was accompanied by a high-profile guest – Franco-Congolese musician Dadju. 

Mrs Chantal BIYA continued with a guided tour through all the departments of the foundation, including the orphanage known as the Children First Centre. She had the opportunity to comfort and encourage the hospitalised and their families. The patroness of the hospital centre equally laid a wreath on a statute in memory of the former First Lady and was later thrilled by a spectacular performance from the “La Voix du Cenacle” choir.

The event was immortalised with a family photo of First Lady Chantal BIYA, pupils and staff of the 24-year-old institution that now has a cardiology centre for children.