Informed of the controversy arising from the publication of entrance results into IRIC, the Head of State, in the quest for equity, gave instructions that all the candidates whose names appear in the two lists that were published, as well as those found on the waiting list, be admitted into the school. This makes a total of 22 admitted.

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The Minister of Higher Education announces: subject to the presentation of the originals of the required diplomas the following candidates, ranked by order of merit, are declared admitted into the Professional Master of International Relations, Diplomacy section, at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) of the University of Yaounde II for the 2014-2015 academic year. They are:

Regular Candidates

1. Mebe Nkoulou Lionel Thierry

2. Nti Estelle Nadia

3. Oyoua Bigfarm Belinga Ludovic Martin

4. Tambolo Sake Marie Salomé

5. Mebenga Lucien Thierry

6. Ngoa Ntonga Joseph

7. Oyono Ottou Didier Hervé

8. Hadidjatou Haman Tchiouto

9. Tsadjia Celestin-Roger

10. Beti Mfoumou Armelle Thilda

11. Ayuk Marguerite Josiane

12. Ebenye Ngalle Mispa

13. Minka Minyem Joseph Stéphane

14. Simeu Djoko Brice Cardeau

15. Nnomo Zanga Dominique Williams Arnold

16. Bouhari Alim

17. Nkwati Hans Pekwangha

18. Iddi Ahmed

19. Mofoi Samson

20. Ebongue Manga Christine Gaelle

21. Babilah Bobmia Blandine

22. Mokwe Welisane Ngoneh.

Foreign Candidates

1. Amine Loue Badarde

2. Nsalambi Kukabusu

3. Souleymane Abakar Juma

4. Aminatou Amadou.

Successful candidates are requested to report to the registration office following the publication of present press release for registration.

The commencement of classes is scheduled for Tuesday the 10th of March 2015 at 8.00 am.


The Minister of Higher Education
(é) Jacques FAME NDONGO