Students who were recently admitted to study diplomacy at IRIC started classes on 10 March 2015. They expressed their gratitude to the Head of State for the happy end to their admission saga.

They were happy and delighted to be in the institution, and many of the students were grateful to President Paul BIYA for his timely intervention to resolve the issue of their admission into IRIC. “It is with a feeling of pride, of happiness and gratitude towards the Head of State, the Father of the nation that is swelling in me”, said Lucien Thierry MEBENGA, one of the lucky students of diplomacy. As for Lionel Thierry NKOULOLOU MEBE, “the President took a wise decision. Once more he has shown his wisdom, therefore the decision is a very good one”. Joseph NGOA NTONGA said that through this decision, the Head of State has shown his support to the youth.

It is in this serene atmosphere that the 22 admitted students took the commitment, in the presence of the pedagogic staff, to devote themselves entire to their studies in diplomacy, which will not be easy at all, so as to be able to defend the image of Cameroon in future wherever the need arises.